Nettle Pesto Recipe

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Nettle Harvesting
Best around creeks, away from streets and pick batches that haven’t been harvested before/in a while, so the nettles can heal/regrow.
Cut the 3 top leaves/stems of the nettle. Look closely so you only get nettles and no other greens:). Cut right at joint so it can regrow.
I usually wear gloves and long sleeves and rubber boots.


Wash nettles at home, pick leaves from stems, softer stems can be used too.
Next steam 3 minutes in a big pot. let cool.
Press as much water out of the steamed nettles as possible, so you end up with a baseball sized (maybe a bit bigger) ball of nettles.
Then, i usually start with mixing the cheese and walnuts together in a food processor, then pour the oil in, the garlic and seasalt and then add the nettles.
add salt or cheese or walnuts to taste.
I like the pesto “swimming” in oil, it makes it last longer, keeps the nettles from breaking down.

a shopping bag full of nettles.. like the paper bags from new leaf.. next time i will weight them ;))
4-5 big garlic cloves
7-8 oz shaved parmesan (or shredded in food processor)
8 oz raw walnuts
18-20 oz olive oil
1 tablespoon seasalt

or simpler
equal parts cheese, walnuts and nettle
double the amount oil

Lasts for months in the freezer, otherwise eat soon.

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