Upcoming Biodynamic Intensive Weekend July 7-8

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Master Biodynamic practitioner and director of the Raphael Garden at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, Harold Hoven, joins us on Saturday for a day-long presentation on The Farm Individuality.  Harold will explore in depth the ideal of the Farm Organism in biodynamics.  He will also speak on the importance of seeds and seed saving to have a truly sustainable farm.
On Sunday, a special day is planned at Camphill Communities in Soquel.  Camphill Co-worker, and expert Biodynamic practitioner David Schwarz joins Delmar McComb to discuss Therapeutic gardening and design. The manifold ways that Biodynamic gardening can be used to enhance the inner and outer life of both the individual and community will be woven into the day at this very beautiful venue.


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