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National Heirloom Festival
Santa Rosa, CA
September 11 – 13, 2012

If the 2011 Heirloom Festival was any indication, this year’s festival is going to be off the hook! We had so much fun last year, we decided to round up the biodynamic community to do something special for you in 2012. Kicking off Demeter’s Biodynamic Garden & Lounge- not to be missed!

Demeter is the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture, who we moderns like to call Mother Nature. When gardeners and farmers use Mother Nature’s own methods to grow plants and raise animals, she showers the entire system—soil, plants, animals, and people—with glowing good health. That’s why interest in Biodynamic® farming and gardening is growing quickly here and around the world. Biodynamic growers integrate the organic approach to gardening and farming with all the rest of nature’s terrestrial and celestial energies, seeing the garden or farm as a self-contained, self-sustaining, living being.

Biodynamic Garden and Lounge

Join us at Demeter’s Biodynamic Garden & Lounge, directly behind the Hall of Flowers, where you can see our demonstration gardens, take classes from Biodynamic practitioners, relax in our lounge. Learn how working with nature can enhance your garden and farm, resulting in food and drink of the utmost quality.

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