Carin Fortin + Delmar McComb

Founders of Blossom’s Farm

Carin Fortin is a native of Switzerland, teacher, herbalist in training, BDANC newsletter editor and core group member, student of Biodynamics and Anthroposophy, and certified permaculturist. She makes bitters, tinctures and tonics inspired by her family’s tradition and using Blossom’s herbs. She co-founded and currently runs Blossom’s Farm in Corralitos CA, where she lives with her partner Delmar McComb – together they organize and hosted the Santa Cruz Biodynamic Intensive.

Delmar McComb is co-owner with his partner Carin Fortin of Blossom’s Biodynamic Farm in Corralitos CA. He has gardened professionally for over 25 years and has had a passion for biodynamic farming and gardening for the past 20 of those years. Delmar has served as horticulturist, consultant, and designer for many acclaimed gardens, public and private, throughout the state and teaches delmar-carinand lectures frequently on varied subjects related to horticulture, Biodynamics, Anthroposophy, and design. Also an accomplished operatic tenor, he finds the polarities between the differing endeavors a fine source of inspiration. .


Blossom’s Farm collaborates with various community initiatives.
Camphill Communities California
Homeless Garden Project, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society
Santa Cruz Waldorf School

Extended Family

Biodynamic Association of Northern California
Biodynamic Association of America
Livepower Community Farm, Covelo
Demeter USA
Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks
Santa Cruz Reskilling Expo