August 24th 2013
CHARLES EISENSTEIN // Sacred Economics
Afternoon presentation / Location t.b.d. / in Santa Cruz
Blossom’s Biodynamic Farm is pleased and excited to be bringing Charles Eisenstein to Santa Cruz on August 24. Stay tuned for details as we finalize local partnerships and a location for this event.
Charles Eisenstein is a teacher, speaker, and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. His on-line writings have generated a vast following; he speaks frequently at conferences and other events, and gives numerous interviews on radio and podcasts. Writing in Ode magazine’s “25 Intelligent Optimists” issue, David Korten (author of When Corporations Rule the World) called Eisenstein “one of the up-and-coming great minds of our time.” His latest book, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme—but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.
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April 20th 2013
DELMAR MCCOMB // Developing the capacity to partner with Nature by Intentional Co-Creation
Afternoon presentation / Location t.b.d./Santa Cruz.
A profound task of our times is to realize the spiritually dynamic and powerful cosmological relationship between human beings and nature. Delmar McComb will explore the subject of how to intentionally co-create and partner with nature through working with rhythmic inner-picturing, dreams, and focused Imaginations thereby deepening our connection with the universe.
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Do you wish to broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding of sustainable gardening, natural rhythms and patterns, and yourself?
This Biodynamic Intensive will delve into these questions. The topics covered by some of the leading educators in the country on Biodynamics and its related fields will be:

  • The foundation of Biodynamics
  • Soil and fertility building
  • Cosmic rhythms
  • The Farm individuality
  • Reading the landscape
  • Awakening Nature perception
  • Compost and homemade garden tonics
  • Food as medicine, garden as healer
  • All 9 Biodynamic preparations
  • Integrated pest management
  • Garden/Farm design principles, process and applications
  • Companion planting, garden guilds, and crop rotation
  • Seed sowing, plant care, mulching, watering and garden/gardener resiliency
  • Biodynamic animal husbandry and beekeeping

Classes start at 9 am and end around 5 pm. Make sure you arrive 15 minutes early.


Weekend 01 January 21st and 22nd, 2012 = Winter

Anthroposophy Demystified (Jan 21)

Anthroposophy is playfully brought to life in vibrant images and dialogue while simultaneously being woven into Biodynamics with colorful threads by the Imagination Troubadour himself, Daniel Bittleston.

Biodynamics Introduced (Jan 21)

The foundations and basic techniques of Biodynamics are explained by Delmar McComb, along with descriptions of the 9 unique herbal preparations used. Working with cosmological rhythms is introduced. Pictorial imaginations demonstrate how Biodynamics is based on an exacting science, not it the way a formula is precise, but in the way poetry is.

Whole Systems Design (Jan 21)

Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted & thoughtful observation rather than protracted & thoughtless labour; & of looking at plants & animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single-product system.” ~ Bill Mollison
Biodynamics and Permaculture have both proven to be effective and increasingly popular sustainable systems that share a number of similarities. And, there is much from each system that can inform the other. Join biodynamic/permaculture hybrid, Lydia Neilsen as she osmotically travels between the two systems, furthering the potential of creating the ideal of the Farm Organism.

Gardening Practicum (Jan 22)

This day is filled with gardening basics from a biodynamic perspective. Seed sowing and plant propagation; compost making; garden layout; companion planting and planting guilds; crop rotation; beauty in the garden; and pest management strategies will be covered during this hands-on day. Delmar McComb + guest teachers.

Weekend 02 April 21st and 22nd, 2012 = Spring

Nature Perception (Apr 21)

“Each phenomenon in nature, rightly observed, wakens in us a new organ of inner understanding.”- Goethe
Open yourself to the things of nature, to listen to what is said, and to identify its core aspects and qualities as we learn to use observation, exploration and imagination in deepening our understanding of Biodynamics and the cosmos itself. This day-long interactive presentation by Goethean phenomenologist Laura Liska, will take us on a metamorphic journey.

The Preparations and Secrets of Compost (Apr 22)

Biodynamics is set apart from all other sustainable approaches to farming in part by the use of 9 specific preparations both in the compost pile and the soil and plants themselves. Tapping into the deep alchemical wisdom of the preparations, farm magician Matias Baker will help decipher these powerful and effective synergists in this day-long presentation.

Weekend 03 July 7th and 8th, 2012 = Summer

The Farm Individuality (July 7)

The ideal is for a Biodynamic farm to be a self-sufficient organism, enlivened by the biodynamic practitioner through the use of compost and spray preparations in cooperation with natural rhythms. Biodynamics is a way of living, working and relating to nature and the vocation of agriculture. It is based on healthy common-sense practices, consideration of the uniqueness of each landscape, and the inner development of the biodynamic practitioner. Join master biodynamic practitioner and director of the Raphael Garden at the Rudolf Steiner College, Harald Hoven, for this day-long presentation on the Farm Individuality. Covered in depth as well will be the importance of seeds and seed saving as part of a healthy farm organism.

Therapeutic Gardening (July 8)

This special day, held at Camphill Communities in Soquel, will have its emphasis based in Therapeutic Gardening. David Schwartz and Delmar McComb will lead this positive and uplifting day that will explore the manifold ways that Biodynamic gardening can be used to enhance the inner and outer life of both the individual and community.

Special Saturday September 15th, 2012

The Fourfold Path to Healing

Rudolf Steiner taught that the human being has four “bodies” or spheres of activity and that human beings enjoy good health when these four spheres are in balance. The four interconnected bodies are the Physical Body; Life- Force (Etheric) Body; Emotional (Astral) Body; and the Mental (Ego) Body. A wholesome diet is the foundation for the Physical Body on which to build long-term health and healing whilst allowing the balancing of the other three “bodies”. And, the most wholesome diet comes from vibrantly alive farm individualities.
Join Dr. Thomas Cowan for this comprehensive day-long presentation as he connects the dots to create a picture of balanced, four-folded health and its relationship to Biodynamics

Weekend 04 November 10th and 11th, 2012

Dennis Klocek’s Cosmic Rhythms (Nov 10)

Working in and with nature immerses us into a sea of rhythmic time and space associations that either enhance or impede the outcomes of our activities.  The movement of substances in plants, the cycles of growth and decay, and the alchemical principles behind the Biodynamic preparations are all influenced by  this rhythmic dance. Join master alchemist, scientist, and artist, Dennis Klocek, in exploring these rhythms to reach a new understanding of how they can be worked with  to enhance our daily actions.


Last 2012 workshop (Nov 11):

Associative Economics, Bee wisdom, Community Initiatives and Soul Inspired Designs + poluck / dinner party

This special last day will feature a series of inspring talks by community members actively working out of inspired visions of the present and future. Jon Underwood will delve into his work in creating a new vision of money using principles of three-fold, sacred economics. Carrie Gibbons will speak on The Secret Life of Bees and how these mystical bee-ings of light have much to teach us human bee-ings. Carin Fortin will speak on the ideals of community, ecovillages and create a picture of what new forms of human association can and need to look like. Delmar McComb will speak on working with and designing out of the unseen forces of the natural world.
A festive community potluck will take place after the day’s talks.
Special price: $20 for the whole day! Please email info@bdintensive for registration and to receive special discount.