apprenticeship program

Blossom’s Farm is developing a comprehensive Apprenticeship program with the intention to soon become a mentor farm of The North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP), a program of the Biodynamic Association for beginning biodynamic and organic farmers. NABDAP combines two years of structured on-farm training and mentoring with a course of classroom study in biodynamics.

social inclusion

Blossom’s Farm recognizes that only a society which includes all the manifold segments that constitute it, is true and vital. In support of this, collaborations with organizations such as Camphill Communities ( and the Homeless Garden Project ( enrich and enliven our work.
Camphill Community California, Soquel
Homeless Garden Project, Santa Cruz

on-farm learning // our classes

Blossom’s Farm loves to provide opportunities for learning as much as it loves to grow and process healthy foods and herbs. Our workshops and classes have included such diverse topics as Biodynamics, Permaculture, Sacred Economics, Nature Awareness, and Holistic Medicine. We have reached out nationally to visionaries to come to our farm to share their inspirations and teachings. We look forward to finalizing a full complement of new offerings in the coming months. To learn more, please go to:
Workshop/Classes (Santa Cruz Biodynamic Intensive)