Mission Statement

To create a small scale, diversified, self sustaining biodynamic farm entity that produces low carbon footprint herbs and nutrient dense food for the local community using restorative farming practices with an emphasis on perennial crops while providing farm-based learning experiences for children and adults, partially supported by implementing a Community Supported Herbal CSA (CSH) system.

Livestock such as cows, sheep and chickens and their products (cheese, butter, kefir, wool) are included in the vision, as are cut flowers and foliage. Food includes fresh and value added produce, sold at the farm store.

Working towards social renewal through agriculture (and to create and live a sustainable living model – ecologically, economically and socially.)

Our goals

Our goals are to establish a true Biodynamic Farm; to connect children and adults of all ages with the land and the food and herbs that nourish and heal them; and to provide agricultural products of the highest quality. Through the farm’s products, we hope to open an educational dialogue about our environment, our economy, and ourselves.


Land Stewardship
On Farm Education
CSH/Farm Store
Community work