• Longevity Elixir

    A combination of powerful adaptogens, antioxidants and super greens – known to reduce inflammation and improve overall immune function, help the body adapt to stress and might one's extend overall lifespan.

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  • Burdock Root Tonic

    Burdock root can help as blood purifier. It can help to increase skin circulation and to detoxify the epidermal tissue and the liver. Helpful tonic for lungs, liver and stomach.

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  • West Coast Bitter

    Support your digestive system with 11 California grown herbs. Can help with tension-related digestive issues. Supports blood purification and digestion and a healthy liver activity.

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  • Coriander Tonic

    Coriander seeds promote a healthy digestion and healthy functioning of the liver and bowel movements. Calming. Fennel and anise seeds can work as a digestive aid and relieve occasional abdominal problems.*

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  • Artichoke bitter

    Bitters can stimulate the gallbladder, which helps to digest fatty foods and with weak digestion, occasional bloating and gas. Works as gentle daily liver cleanse.*

    Content: 8 oz

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  • Angelica tonic

    With blossoms scheduled to appear annually on the 8th of May, the feast day of St. Michael the Archangel, Angelica is said to possess mystical powers against disease and evil…*
    Digestive tonic based on an old Italian recipe.

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